BOSCH&TORMO lawyers is a multidisciplinary firm composed of highly qualified professionals with extensive professional experience in different branches of law.

The specialization of the office in different legal areas, allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive service whether in specific matters or continuous legal assistance rendered with the highest quality and deference that they need.  

Our methodology is that the client is attended by the specialist in the field, which his professional engagement requires always in coordination with the other departments that make up the office. This allows a close relationship with the client, who has direct and continuous contact with our professional, key to the success of the task entrusted that will be our main objective in all actions.

We also have a highly competitive fees that reflect our commitment and understanding of our clients and also flexible methods of payment according to their interests.

The different sectors to which our clients belong has led us to deepen and specialize in legal disciplines that have developed in recent years. We have a highly developed international department. We also have extensive experience in bankruptcy matters. Having acted both as lawyers in insolvency proceedings and as bankruptcy administrators.