Insolvency law area

The problem of insolvencies is one of the biggest risks facing companies in the current economic situation.

And for that reason from our law office we can offer comprehensive advice on the matter.

From the point of view of companies in a loss-making economic situation and that are in a pre-bankruptcy or insolvency condition

Our work covers everything from the initial phase of legal assistance, negotiation with ordinary creditors, banks and preparation and filing of the bankruptcy procedure carrying out legal consultancy work as lawyers leading the insolvency proceedings and defense of the Company until the end of the procedure.

Futhermore our commitment to advice on bankruptcy matters, includes assistance to those companies or physical persons whose viability is constrained as a consequence of the insolvency of third parties related to them such as customers and suppliers.

From this point of view, we design a strategy to defend the interests of both companies and individuals in the processes in which they are involved as creditors or injured parties.

We have a wide experience in the work of insolvency administration

Professionals who perform the position of Bankruptcy Administrators in complex insolvency proceedings are part of our firm, with extensive experience in the exercise of the position and with continuous recycling in training and specialization in the matter that the bankruptcy regulations require.
Receive our support from all the positions in which a debtor, a creditor or an insolvent can be involved: Negotiation, planning, diagnosis and preparation. We guarantee the best advice in the event of insolvency, to avoid the liability of administrators.

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