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With one of the most complex laws in Europe, a good legal partner is one of your best investments

Spain is a country that offers security but only to those who are well informed. Our regulation is one of the most complex in Europe, with each legal act having implications that for a layperson may be undesirable. It is not appropriate to take decisions without the assistance of a professional. Our firm offers counsel that will simplify the legal tangle to which you are displayed, from residence in your country, to negotiating your home, and to obtain all the licenses and permits you may need Spain to really be your second home.

Your relationship with your assets in spain: civil law

To guarantee your property in Spain you will have to go through at least three instances: Notary, Inland Revenue and Property Registry. It is not advisable to do it alone and not leave it to the seller. Having your own lawyer will allow you to avail yourself of the most advantageous options and avoid abuses and errors that could compromise you.

Your relationship with spanish people: private international law

As a result of globalization Spanish society has experienced a gradual renewal of its social base. The number of foreigners has increased and also the number of mixed marriages. The foreign connection requires a specialized knowledge of the application treaties and institutions of private international law. Add certainty to the confusion that can create the connection with two different legal systems and know precisely the extent of its connection with our civil law.

Being a business man in spain: commercial law

Our firm has veteran specialists in commercial and labour law that allow you to cope with all the liabilities that our law provides for economic activities. For a Spanish businessman to face these liabilities without legal assistance is especially burdensome. But for someone who does not speak our language the risk is too high. Bosch&Tormo has been advising entrepreneurs for both the success and development of their companies and their closure.

Your relationship with our administration:

Foreign Affairs

Residence is the key to be able to obtain the equalization of rights with the nationals, even nationalization itself. Avoid wasting time finding out how many documents and how you should prepare them, and allowing a lawyer specializing in obtaining the residence permit to attend you. The administrative labyrinth will not disappear but it is better to cross it with a guide.

Area Of Judicial Procedures

There is a Spanish saying that says: “It is better to prevent than cure”, but if the problems have already begun, our judicial procedures department can take care of the situation and assist you. Avoiding all the difficulties that can arise when not speaking our language.

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